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What happens to the plastic you throw away?

Turtle eating the plastic bag

Ever wondered what happens to the plastic you throw away after using it?

Plastic is the most widely used material all around the world. No matter where you go, you can be sure of finding one thing and that is plastic.


Everything that you use is either made from plastics in some shape and form and if not the case, then it is wrapped in plastic.


But have you ever wondered what happens to the plastic that you throw away after using it? Sooner or later, that plastic finds it way to the ocean or inside the landfill. Let's find out some facts about the menace which we have been creating.

7 most scary facts about plastics.

1. The first plastic which would degrade is about 700 years from now. Your 10th generation would be able to see this miracle.

2. One million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die due to plastic in our ocean and sea.

3. Worldwide, we discard 500,000,000,000 plastic bags every year. Count the number of zeros again, that is 5 trillion plastic bags we are talking about.

4. Human body can absorb the plastic chemical i.e., BPA (Bisphenol - A) which can be dangerous in long term.

5. We have produced more plastic in last 10 years than we did in 100 years.

6. 90% of the trash floating in ocean is Plastic. You are more likely to find a plastic bottle in the sea bed than a pearl.

7. With this rate, plastics are more likely to outnumber the number of fishes in ocean and sea by 2050.

The problem is so pressing, there must be some solution? How do we rise above plastics?

Paper straw being used as an plastic straw alternative.
Paper straw

7 ways to rise above Plastics

1. Use & Throw is the biggest reason for waste. Don't throw things away, reuse it to get the maximum benefit. Let's change our behavior of Use&Throw.

2. Support plastic ban. Use cloth bags instead of plastic bag.

3. Talk to people and spread the word. Encourage them to change their lifestyle and their Use and Throw behavior.

4. Try using high grade plastic bottle which are easily recyclable and avoid the common Use and throw water bottles.

5.Volunteer beach-cleanup missions and participate in such programs. People like Afroz Shah and Indranil Sengupta are real inspiration.

6. Seek out alternatives to the plastics that you use on daily basis.

7. Till the time we bring Edible flavored straws and Ice cream sticks, you can say no to paper and plastic straws.

Let's change our behavior of Use&Throw and be more responsible towards the environment. It's never too late to spark a change. Only this time, it needs behavioral change, a life-style change.

Clean and plastic free water would turn out to be great home for our marine animals.
A happy Turtle in clean waters

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