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Live a Zero - Waste life!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

There has been a constant rise in the usage of disposable cutlery all around the globe.

Non-recycled waste is filling our landfills and contaminating the earth and its wildlife populations. Plastic utensils have cancerous properties to begin with that can end up in people’s food in small amounts. The average time for one plastic straws to decompose is 450 years.

Growth of usage of plastic disposables table ware

The usage of plastic disposables are increasing 5% year on year and has become hard habit to let go off. Amidst this chaos, we have built a solution which aims at solving this menace of waste.

“ Presenting the next-gen flavored edible drinking straws which is the most fun and effective environment friendly product. No more Use&Throw, just EAT it.

Flavored edible drinking straws

You heard it right!! Straws which not only serves as normal straws but can also be eaten afterwards. What a FUN and effective way to solve the wastage problem.

Mint flavored edible straws in the drink

It comes in various flavors i.e., Mint, Vanilla, Lemon, Butterscotch. You tell your favorite flavor in the comment section, we'll make it for you.

Edible straws in fruit juice

We are here to change our lifestyle and push us towards zero - waste society. Let's pledge to never use plastic or paper straws. Let's pledge to change our Use&Throw behavior.

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